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Chung Wenyin

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Summer 2012


Chung Wenyin has a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications from Tamkang University. She decided to become a full-time writer in 2000. She is also a painter and a photographer. Before devoting herself full-time to writing literature, Chung was a cinema and art critic, newspaper art reporter, published essayist, production still photographer, and script clerk.

Her talents have been quickly recognized in Taiwan. Chung's impressive prose about her family, her beloved islands in Taiwanese territory, and her unusual experience during her trips overseas made her credited as one of the most distinguished Taiwanese writers.



Chung's literary works include collections of short stories

  • "Two People in One Day"
  • "The Past"

Novels include

  • "Woman Islands"
  • "Over the Left Bank of River"
  • "Departing Love" 
  • "Merciful Lover"

Collections of prose include 

  • "Diary for You"
  • "Yesterday Reemerging"
  • "The Everlasting Olive Tree"
  • "Old Appearances of Young Ladies"
  • "Cities for Lovers"

Chung Wenyin has been awarded more than ten literature prizes, including the 2003 Yunlin County Cultural Award and the 2005 Wu San-Lien Literature Prize, which is deemed the most important literature prize in Taiwan. Her latest work, the third episode of her Island Trilogy, "Decayed Land", was on the shortlist of the 2011 Taiwan Literature Award. Episode one, "Decayed Lust", is a best seller among literature novels since it's publication. The second episode, "Decayed History", was published in February 2010, which delineated her ancestors' suffering during the unspeakable political tumults over the past decades in Taiwan. In the "Island Trilogy", Chung extends her writing from her experience in the decadent urban life to the history of her family in the context of Taiwan's traumatic past. The voluminous books encompass more than one million Chinese characters, and are the most ambitious literature works about Taiwan's history up to this day.