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Poetry Diversified 2015

Poetry Diversified 2015: A Human Experience Anthology

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ISBN: 978-1-941416-06-8 print

ISBN: 978-1-941416-07-5 ebook


Page #: 110

Price: $12.00

About the Book:

Poetry Diversified 2015 A Human Experience Anthology is the fourth anthology published by PRA Publishing for Poetry Matters Celebration, to showcase the winners of the 2013-2015 annual Poetry Literary Prize sponsored by the Poetry Matters Project.  Winners represent Poets from around the world. Poets range in age and education from middle school to senior citizens. For some of the poets this will be their first time ever seeing their work in print and for others this will represent multiple wins. The human experiences shared are cross generational, observations of worldview. We are proud to present these voices in poetry.

About the Poets:

Middle School Winners 2013-2014

Time-Gabriella Meerwarth (Morristown, NJ)

Take Me Back-Caitlyn Duffie (Miami, FL)

Our Kingdom-Tamara Sato (Honolulu, HI)

The Edge-Emily Knutson (Grovetown, GA)

Dear Innocence-Graeme Horton (Miami, FL)

Dungeon Masters Call-Sami Townsend (Wrandell, AK)

Memories-Min Su Kim (Charlottesville, VA)

My Grandfather-Zachary Kimmel (Brooklyn, NY)

Gone- Gabby Barido (Ft Wayne, IN)

Alone-Juliana Saxe (New York, NY)

Bullied- Skyler Stanfford (Western Springs, ILL)

Regret- Ashlyn Felton (Ft Wayne, IN)

High School   Winners 2013-2014

Don’t Forget What You Believe- Emma Kane (Livingston, NJ)

Skinner Box-Lucy Zhou (Livingston, NJ)

Tremors-Aletheia Wang (Quebec, Canada)

Immobility on the Moral Road- William Kuzia (Evans, GA)

Yesterday-Joshua Newman (Lucas, TX)

2014-03-31-731- Olivia Zhao (Overlanad Park, KS)

Pretty-Maria Davila (Miami, FL)

Sheet Music-Dalia Ahmead (Miami, FL)

Rust Belt-Zachary de Stefan (River Vale, NJ)

Figure 8- Christell Roach (Miami, FL)

I am Sitting Alone in the Dark- Gabrielle Walters (Upper Saddle, NJ)

This Life-Kay Ann Henry (Miami, FL)

Murder of Crows- Isabella York (Los Angeles, CA)

Reservation was Our Demise- Kaitlyn Graham ( Woodbridge, VA)

Breathless- Mariah Bowman (Arlington, VA)

Adults Winners 2013-2014

Good Night Friends- Jennifer Fenn (Fresno, CA)

Young Men Forever Unchanging-J.C. Elkin (Annapolis, MD)

The Trouble With Genealogy- Caroline Zarlengo Sposto (Memphis, TN)

Poetic Interpretation of Portrait of A Man with A Book- Stephen Joseph (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Get Me Some Flowers-Kendall Driscoll (Aiken, SC)

Angels With Sledgehammers-Carmen Colado (Ft. Gordon, GA)

The Loss of A Child -Steven Brooks (Martinez, GA)

Christmas- Haitham Al-Twaijri (Memphis, TN)

I am Linwood Kendrick or Current Resident-Meg Eden (College Park, MD)

Absent-Karin Tinkel (Ft Wayne, IN)

The Things we Didn’t Care to Keep-Terrance Daye (Atlanta, GA)

Cooking Lesson- Ellen Thea (Talkeetna, AK)

A Fracture Marks the Place-Sarah Danise (Perth. Australia)

My Plain and Simple Love-Katherine King (West Midlands, UK)

Amiri’s Reveloution-Krystal Valentine (Augusta, GA)

My Mother has no Teeth-Jennifer Lowers-Warren (Grovetown, GA)

Celestial Pursuits-Leah smith (Waynesboro, GA)

The Bridge-Caren Stewart (Applying, GA)

Warning Label-Cait Cox (Aiken, SC)

If We Knew- Mike Wilson (Des Moine, IA)

Seniors Winners 2013-2014

Do You Know Me- Daniel George (Grovetown, GA)

The Diagnosis-Ruth Merriman (Aiken, SC)

An Artist Remembered-Roger Brock (Aiken, SC)

Little Things- Joan Lacombe (Aiken, SC)

Father-Mark Littleton (Gladstone, MI)

The Tale of Emmett Till- Gordon Smith (Hot Springs, AR)

Out of the Wild-David Harris (Kingston Springs, TN)

Weight-Joan Cannon (Salisbury, Conn.)

Yesterday-Sarah Bailey (Aiken, SC)

Assassins in Time-Nancy Culp (Chelan, WA)

Loved and Cared-Carmen Ruelas Von Tickner (Fremont, CA)

I am a Poem- Jerome E. Howard (W. Hartford, CT)

The Tally of Time-Robert B. Roberson (Lincoln, NE)

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