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Poetry Matters Celebration

P.R.A. Publishing Celebrates National Poetry Month

Poetry MattersP.R.A. has been celebrating poetry and poets since 2000. To follow this year's news and progress, join us on the Poetry Matters Celebration Facebook page, or visit the new
Poetry Matters website, where you can find the poetry contest guidelines and submission form.


Winning entries were read during Poetry Matters this year on April 23rd at the Columbia County Library in Evans, Georiga.


Poetry in the Community


We are proud of what the program has achieved over the years. In 2008, the Columbia County Commissioners proclaimed April at Poetry Month, becoming one of a growing number of localities that have officially done so.


The state of poetry in the State of Georgia, including the Columbia County declaration, may offer inspiration for how to encourage your government officials.


Join us, or organize a literary event in your community, and experience the power of poetry!

Sponsoring Organizations

We could not conduct Poetry Matters without the help of our Sponsors: