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Power of Words

Power of Words: Voices of Poetry

ISBN 9780984014200 paperback
ISBN 9780982140789 e-book
Price: $8 paperback
Price: $4 e-book

About the Book
Power of Words is the second edition celebrating the annual program that showcases the winners of the annual Poetry Matters contest. These winners represent every aspect of life; middle, high school and college students, adults and senior citizens. The poems show in moving, funny, creative ways the power of poetry.

About the Poets
Power of Words presents the work of :

Danielle O'Brien, Derek Berry, Jamie Boquist, John Alexanderson, Mack Crawley, Vinathi Prasad, Melissa Bouganim, Lauren Welch, Neil Osterman, Hanoch Guy, Katie Crow, Stephanie Wang, Lyndsey Willcox, Taylor Verner, Jim Kline. Daniela Shorser, Jamie Turner, Christell Roach, Phoebe Sullivan, Steven Brooks, Daniel George, Robin Drake, Abby Spasser, Joan M. Lacombe, Nick Sweet, James Mason, Sherry Reuter, K.R. Massingham, and Jacklyn Lopez.

These winners hail from as far away as Chisholm, Australia, They represent 18 states and four countries. The contest titled Poetry Matters has been honoring the literary art form of poetry for 12 years. For more information or to order this title visit PRA Publishing or For e-book version visit I-tunes, B&, Sony Reader or Amazon.

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