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Submission Guidelines


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During the 2015-16 reading period, we will be accepting submissions from September 2015 through January 30th, 2016. All submissions received during the reading period will be read. The response time will vary according to the number of submissions. We make every effort to respond to all submissions within four months of receipt.

Please submit no more than one submission in a given genre while a decision from us is outstanding; multiple submissions sent in the same genre will be returned unread. Simultaneous submissions are permitted. Please notify us immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere: We will only consider work that has not been previously published, except in the case of translations.

Thank you in advance for sharing your work with us!


We consider:

1. Fiction

2. Short fiction and essays (up to 7,500 words)

3. Poetry (up to 6 poems; please format and submit as a single document)

4. Excerpts (up to 30 pages) from larger works

5. Translations of fiction, non-fiction and poetry


We do not accept:

Materials from authors directly

Material of an erotic nature

Unsolicited reviews

Unsolicited interviews

Previously published material this includes self-published


Tips and other helpful information—please read!

 When you are submitting poetry, please group up to six poems in a single document and then upload your submission. Do not submit your poems individually; doing so will make your poems appear as multiple poetry submissions, which will be returned unread.Please provide query letter via email. We will need the following information to track your submissionName, address, title of submission, synopsis of title and any author platform details. Any submission that does not include this will not be reviewed and automatically rejected.

Regarding translations: the translator is responsible for all author and publisher permissions regarding the source work.

Literary Agents: Please query us with links to website and contact for your firm. We will provide a list of what we are currently looking for.

You agree to be added to PRA Publishing email lists when you submit. You may unsubscribe from these lists at any time.

Submission period starts September 1st. If it has been longer than five months since you submitted and you have not received a response from us regarding the status of your submission, you may query us at for an update.


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