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Sylvester Pilgrim

  Peripheral Tales of Horror at a Glance

About the Author 


Sylvester Pilgrim is a Canadian author living in Japan. A lifelong fan of literature, he is currently working on the first installment of a fantasy trilogy, titled The Tyken Chronicles. He is also the author of Peripheral, a collection of short horror fiction—his first work to be published in the United States. Sylvester currently lives near Osaka, Japan. If you would like to book him for a reading or signing please contact us at .

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 ISBN: 978-941416-03-7 Ebook

ISBN:978-1-941416-04-4 paperback 

About the Book

Don’t let your guard down. Don’t close your eyes. And whatever you do, don’t look back.This is the world of Peripheral, where horrors lurk just beyond the edge of your vision, and the worlds of the seen and unseen collide with terrifying consequences.

While four friends discover the perfect place for an afternoon picnic, a man discovers his secret superpowers in an unexpected way—and a young girl glimpses something out of the corner of her eye that will change her life forever.  These short stories delve into the darkest recesses of the human experience, one gruesome tale serves as the thread that will bind them forever—culminating in a shocking conclusion that will have you questioning everything you see in your peripheral vision.

In the debut short story collection of author Sylvester Pilgrim, nothing is what it seems, and everything is connected. So join supernatural forces, ruthless killers, and emerging faces of evil on a nightmarish journey you won’t soon forget—a roller coaster ride of suspense and surprise from beginning to end.

Listen to an excerpt: Inner Demon  read by Sylvester Pilgrim



Raves and Reviews

Explore the supernatural face of evil. Meet the wife killer, the avenging ghost, the mailroom creep, the tattooed thug, the suicidal counselor, carnivorous plants, and the emerging demon in fast-moving stories told with a no-nonsense, gritty style that engages, repels, and provokes. These are not for the faint-of-heart, but you’ll remember the ride.

R.R. Brooks, author of the epic fantasy Justi the Gifted