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View from the Middle of the Road

In 2003, when P.R.A. Publishing was formed, its founder wanted to show poets how easy writing and publishing a book could be. (Boy, was she wrong!) She wrote the first book based on the transitions she noticed in her own life. Volumes II, III and IV are anthologies she compiled of poetry written by both young amateurs and older established poets, drawing from both local talent and an international literary scene. The journey has consistently been about encouraging each voice to take us along their "view from the middle of the road."


Marriage of Poetry and Art


The cover of View from the Middle of the Road: Where Greenest Grass Grows included the artwork of Audrey Cosby, and it was the beginning of combining visual and written art forms in a unique collaboration. Subsequent series provided themes based on contributors. The visual artist selections, for the cover art, have been based on images which are both colorful and thought provoking. To date, the images that have been painted or photographed by Audrey Crosby, Betty Biggs, Toni Quest and James Heaney have graced "View" covers.

Authors of the View Series

View from the Middle of the Road IV: Pathway to Dreams

View from the Middle of the Road III: Quest for Knowledge

View from the Middle of the Road II: U.S. in US

View from the Middle of the Road – Where the Greenest Grass Grows